About These Images

What am I seeing?

Look closely at the photographs offered here at Hooey Mountain. The skiers are miniature antique toy skiers from the 1930's and 40's photographed high in the mountains at premier ski resorts. These tiny skiers draw you in, evoke a nostalgic feeling for the dawn of skiing but are presented in a vibrant, modern, relevant context. That mix of old and new creates a great visual addition to any home or mountain commercial space. These images marry the pure joy of skiing with the playfulness of our collective youths. The juxtaposition of their small size against the backdrop of large mountains or large snowflakes captures your eye and makes you question what is real. They showcase the beauty of mountain landscapes with a wink of whimsy designed to draw the viewer in and suprise and delight.   

All images are taken on site and not photoshopped to appear on location. 

There are so many more images that are not yet uploaded to this site. We will try and add more images twice a year.  For many of the vertical shots, there is a horizontal versions and vice versa. Don't hesitate to ask if you need a different orrientation of an image.  We picked a variety that we thought suited many different styles. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook you'll be treated to many more images. If you see something you like on Instagram not offered here, contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Finally, a few people have asked where each of the skier photos were shot.   We have visited many of your home mountains, but sometimes the weather does not cooperate for the days that we are there and we would not want you to feel left out of the fun.  So think of the skiers as photographed where ever you want them to be or that they simply exist in your mind on Hooey Mountain. We hope the photos conjures in you the broad feeling of happiness you associate with skiing without tying into a single experience or place.

Vintage Toy Skier with quarter for scale



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