About Hooey


About Hooey

Four things I'm passionate about are skiing, photography, creative production and anything old. I also love being outdoors.

I grew up in upstate New York and began skiing as a toddler. Our home "mountain" had two rope tows, a T-bar, an unheated lodge with a pot belly stove and a very cold outhouse (all of which still exist). There was no waffle hut. In fact, the only "food" offered was hot water to make your own hot chocolate. Anyone who skied there truly loved it for the sport, myself included.  

Ten years ago for Christmas I bought my husband the first two antique skiers in what has now become an extensive collection of over 70 antique toy skiers from the dawn of skiing (1930's-40's) that I have used in this photo series of skiers in the mountains. This photo project was born in my backyard a few years ago, but I realized it needed a much bigger stage. This past year I brought some of my collection with me skiing and photographed them on site at some of my favorite mountain resorts all over the country.

Additionally, for the past twelve years, I have actively served on the board of the oldest private ski club in America which sparked my interest in the history of skiing.  I've been an avid photographer starting in high school with the purchase of my first SLR. In high school and college I ran a very successful art business.  After college I spent 12 years in the corporate world before taking some time to be at home with my kids and work part-time at a not-for-profit. After the nest emptied, I went back to school taking classes that would help me figure out my next chapter. I am very pleased to be back to my entrepreneurial roots and using my creative talents again.  

I am so happy to be sharing these images and hope they bring you the same joy they bring me.


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