About Hooey


About Hooey

Four things I'm passionate about are skiing, photography, creative production and anything old. I also love being outdoors.

Ten years ago for Christmas I bought my husband the first two antique skiers in what has now become an extensive collection of over 100 antique toy skiers from the dawn of skiing (1930's-40's) that I have used in this photo series of skiers in the mountains. This photo project was born in my backyard a few years ago, but I realized it needed a much bigger stage. I packed up some of my collection and began photographing them on site at some of my favorite mountain resorts all over the country.

I have always been an entrepreneur and a creator at heart.  This fun series has allowed me to refocus my interests and talents. After a variety of corporate and not for profit jobs and time home with my children, I re-enrolled in school to help guide me back to my roots and passion.  Additionally, for the past thirteen years, I have actively served on the board of the oldest private ski club in America which sparked my interest in the history of skiing. 

I am so happy to be sharing these images and hope they bring you the same joy they bring me.


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