Limited Editions

Hooey Mountain is proud to offer limited editions for the following printed images. 

12x16 15x20 18x24 24x32 30x40 40x55
Art of Backcountry Open 50 25 25 15 req
Backcountry Toys Open 50 25 25 15  req
Bain de Soleil Open 50 25 25 15  req
Down By The River Open 50 25 25 15  req
Dyn-o-mite 25 req
Gorge-ous 25 reg
Jardine de Tuileries 25 15 5 req
Ladies on the Edge Open 50 25 25 15  req
Lady Selfies 1-4 Open 100 75 50 25 req
Last Night's Mogul Field 1-2 Open 50 25 25 15  req
Mother Nature's Terrain Park Open 50 25 25 15  req
Mountain Riders 25 15 req
The Big One - H 25 15 req
The Big One - V 25 req
The Home Stretch Open 50 25 25 15  req
Tour de France 1 25 15 5 req
Tour de France 2 25 15 5 req
Ups and Downs 1 25 15 req
Ups and Downs 2 25 req
Viewing the Backside Open 50 25 25 15  req
12x15 16x20 20x25 28x35
Road to the Peak Open 50 25 15 req


The following are Limited Editions for the Cabin Fever Series.

Cloud Nine 10
Dream Weaver - 3 variations 10
Four Seasons - 3 variations 5
Diamond Back 5
Western Sky 10


Each print will be numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenticity which has the name of the print, the digital file number, the number in the series and Hooey's signature.   Once the limited edition size runs have sold out, no more prints will be offered in those sizes.  As a size gets closer to selling out, expect the price to increase.  If a request is made and it is possible for a different surface print (such as plexi, metal, canvas, alternative papers, etc) for one of the offered sizes, that print will count as one of the limited editions in that size.

req - At this point, I have not tested these new images in larger sizes. If you have an interest in a certain image in the listed larger sizes, make a request and I will do some testing and if you approve the test strips, that size will be offered in a small limited edition of 3-10 depending on the image.

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