Printing Information

Sizing Hooey Mountain Art

Skier and Other Athlete Series images can be printed on either Epson professional luster photography paper or Epson professional cotton rag (Velvet). Images are printed with archival pigments ensuring your photo will last a life time.  Photos are sold and priced by paper size which includes a white border. The white border is between 1.25 inches and 3 inches depending on the overall size. I do not use mats when framing so the white border gives the image a more contemporary look. If it is framed, the size is the glass size and the overall finished size would depend on the additional molding selected. The size you order is the paper and or glazing size for framed images. 

Here is more information about the sizing details.

Image Size Border Paper/Glass Size
 XSmall (12x16) 9.5x13.5 1.25 12x16
Small (15x20) 12x17 1.5 15x20 / 16x20
Medium (18x24) 14.2x20.2 1.9 18x24
Large (24x32) 20x28 2 24x32
XLarge (30x40) 25x35 2.5 30x40
Jumbo (40x55ish) 34x49ish 3 40x55


Unless cotton rag is selected, all orders are printed on luster.  Some of my images I will only print on cotton rag in the larger sizes unless you are trying to match a smaller print on luster.  If you are buying multiples, they should all be the same paper. Contact me if you have questions. If you want to lift or float your image in a frame, cotton rag should be ordered and I can trim it to a .75 - 1 inch border instead.

Have an existing frame you wish to recycle and want to have a Hooey Mountain image printed to those specs? Just ask. Sometimes it is an easy thing to do, depends on the image. There is usually no charge for this.

Not all images are available in all sizes.  Please check the images' available sizes (Size chart) or contact us first.  For art consultants or designers, please confirm the size is available  before suggesting or offering larger sizes to clients.

In my Skier and Other Athlete series, all of my sizes offered, except for the 15x20 and jumbos, are standard frame sizes should you wish to use ready made frames. I'm now starting to convert over the 15x20s to 16x20 so they fit in standard frames.

All photos are hand named and signed.  These are NOT third party shipped. All prints pass before my eyes before going out.

Where noted, some photos are offered in limited editions. Number in the edition varies by image and size. 

A few skier images that can be cropped to a square are now offered for framing in our new white wood 12x12 minis. The images in these frames are printed on cotton rag and floated in the frame behind glass. Images will be approximately 9.5" x 9.5".

Cabin Fever Images - printed with archival inks on Epson cotton rag as one large image. If we are not doing the framing, they will be shipped in a tube.  Each Cabin Fever print is a little different and depending on how you intend to frame it, will determine how wide a border you will need. I will work with you to determine what will look best. 

I can print the Cabin Fever images has large as 60 x 90 or what ever works for the space. These super large ones are great for stairwells, tall ceilings, conference rooms and commercial space. These are all price upon request because there are so many variables for each design. Contact me at to start a conversation.

All are hand named and signed.

All Cabin Fever prints are small limited editions. (5-15)

All prints typically ship in 7-9 business days.

American West Series  - This series offered only through designers, galleries and a few select retailers has a variety of printing options. We work with you to select the best option for your desired look. In all cases, they are printed with archival pigment prints on professional papers or canvas. 

Corduroy Study Series - Original pieces are made up of many small archival pigment prints on cotton rag and lifted and placed slightly apart. No two are exactly alike. Contact me to see the latest version of these studies. Right now I am working on a commission to do a torn paper mountains as 3 huge 40x60 pieces in slightly different colors.  Call if you are looking for something custom.