Corduroy Studies

The individual images of groomed snow were all shot early in the morning at a ski resort before the rush of skiers arrived. Together, the large studies create movement where none exists. As blocks, they create intersecting planes on a 2D surface of a 3D object. Torn as collages, they paint a landscape with powerful mountains jutting toward the sky. Sewn together, they remind us the reduce, reuse, recycle.

All the corduroy images are printed on cotton rag with archival inks.

For large studies:  Study #8 32x40 (36 prints) is at gallery . Study #9 28x32 (25prints) is available. Number 11 is available for commission. Right now I am working on a commission to do a torn paper mountains as 3 huge 40x60 pieces.  Call if you are looking for something custom.

Additional works in different patterns are continually being made. Contact me to see what the latest studies look like or order one in a custom size or with a different orientation or as a diptych or triptych.

Hooey with Corduroy Study #1