Contact me to confirm availability of items listed below and to get more specific info about why it is on sale and see photos of it. Contact me.

PRINTS and others

Downhill Divas 32x24 - Face mounted on Acrylic. Early studio sample from when I used to offer acrylic mounting. A tad more vibrant than my usual offerings. Ready to hang. Was $1,400, now $800 + shipping (depends on location, but likely $100) shown in photo below and I can get you more current photos.

Corduroy Study Torn Mountain - 12x12 - After putting it all together and gluing it onto the mount board, I tore the mount board. Needs a mat.  Was $650, will sell for $350.  Contact me for photos.

Downhill Divas - 16x20 luster print framed - on sale because it is an older style frame and size I no longer sell. Same black metal frame but with glass. Glass typically requires spacers between the glass and the frame and it does not have spacers. It is also not adhered to a foam board so it’s a tad rippled. Easy fixes include adding spacers or a mat board, and securing it to a foam core board. Signed in 2019. Early sample. Was $290 - now $150

Early Morning Skin - 15x20 luster print framed. There is a slight bend mark on the photo. Most people would not notice it. Call to see a photo. Signed 2019. Early sample. Was $290 - Now $150

Black Metal Frames with Glass 16x20 - I no longer sell this older style frame or image size. Order a custom size 16x20 print ($160) and I’ll send it with this frame for free. Shipping fee will be a tad more than sending just the print. I have 8 of these frames. Frame is a nice square edge brushed mat black metal. 

Not Quite Out of Bounds - 24x32 (ish) – Incorrectly trimmed, so needs to be evenly trimmed, making the boarder slightly narrower than my usual wide white boarder.  Would be fine if it was not paired with another image, or request the other image to be trimmed to match. Luster paper. Was $600 – Now $250

Road to the Peak - 18x24 - Needs a mat.  I signed it upside down!  Don't ask! It was a long day.  Could be worth millions some day! ;) A mat would hide my error.  Was $400 - Now $100


Most of my standard black metal frames are ordered on demand, but I always have a few random frames I'm trying out or have on hand for art shows.  Great for last minute shoppers or anyone looking for something other than my standard black frames.  Price includes print of choice or select images where noted.

The following frames are in stock. Select your print of choice and send me an email at  Also note that any of the small prints on cotton rag can be sent within 24 hours. As always, any size can be ordered, but it just takes longer. 

  • 15x18 rustic birch and twig frame with glass - This frame takes 11x14 image.  Looks great with most images. Can be hung vertical or horizontal. No spacers. Image to be printed on cotton rag. $325 + $15 Shipping


  • 18x24 White Wood Frame with vertical Lone Skier print with acrylic
  • Limited edition print. $450 + 15 shipping.


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