Hospitality and large scale commissions

Think outside the box...

Some design projects require large scale art that complements the design and impacts the experience. A number of my pieces can be scaled in a variety of ways to do just that. Here are just a few ideas to get the wheels spinning.

Skiers Series - Hang a huge grid of images.  Imagine an entire wall made up of 24, 36, 48 etc.  Put them in matching frames in a perfect grid or go wild and mix up sizes, frames and layouts. Hooey Mountain vintage toy skier images would be amazing for a stairwell, grand entrance or the best skiers game or bunkroom ever. Or keep it simple with 3 or 4 jumbo prints. So many fun possibilities, you just can't go wrong.

Cabin Fever Series - These mosaic patterns reminiscent of quilts and blankets made up of many Hooey Mountain images and printed together as one scale amazing well as large as can be printed and framed (60x90).  They are offered on commission as even larger pieces with custom printing and joining together options. For huge versions of these, they could possibly be printed on a variety of surfaces that would not require glazing.  As shown on my website, the small images that make up the whole are typically 1.5 x 2ish  inches, but as the overall piece scales, those individual images can either stay small by increasing the repeats in the design or they can enlarge too.  It all depends on where it will be hung and how it will be experienced (from afar, up close or both). They can be configured to fit a space. One of these designs is offered as a repeat wall paper. All of the current patterns include skiers, some included other figurines such as fisherman, hikers, and bikers. Custom patterns can be made.


Corduroy Series - Lots of great options here that work well in mountain spaces as well as anywhere needing transitional art.

In addition to taking the Corduroy Series shown with 25 or 36 float mounted images of groomed snow and scaling each individual image larger, there are a variety of ways this can get tweaked for a much large finished piece.  Each individual image can be mounted on an art block or printed on a different surface allowing them to be hung in a large grid, much like the 32x40 pieces, but much larger and not in a single frame. Or make that a triptych. Or do a series of them into multiple colors.  There are so many good options for making this a large scale commission piece.


Corduroy Art Blocks - These 10x10x2 art blocks original collages with the same images of corduroy come in many, many different designs and can be hung en mass to create large grids to fit any shaped space. Imagine a long string of them fulling a hallway, a tall installment for a stairwell.

  6x6 corduroy contemporary art blocksby Hooey Mountain

Torn Corduroy Paper Mountains - These small 3d paper mountains shown here can go large. Combine three 30x40 or 40x60 pieces designed to go together and you get an entire original mountain range.